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RedBottom Rx Restoration Paint for Louboutin’s or Any Shoes…

It comes as no surprise that no matter what brand of shoes you purchase, ranging from a pair of Chucks to Christian Louboutin Gold Glitter Flos, there will be a noticeable wear and tear ( unless of course you float on air ).  As a person who has her feet firmly pressed on Earth, I have always wondered what time, and a couple of miles would do to a pair of Red Bottoms. And what does one do when the sought after legendary characteristic has been scuffed up ? Do you just retire them and purchase new ones or can they be salvaged ?

Now, I will be sincere. I do not own my own pair, not because I don’t admire them but because these size 8’s were not made to wear heels, it’s a curse. However,  I was able to convince my ever so trusting friend to let me guide her through the restoration process of her CLs.  Our journey began much like any, with a deep nose dive into the never ending pool of knowledge called Google. Without the proper support group it’s very easy to get discouraged as you filter and search through product reviews, restoration forums and DIY Tutorials. Thankfully before we fell into yet another rabbit hole of color matching and stick on red bottom soles, we saw the light and the light was called LuxDr. If this sound familiar it’s probably because you’ve sampled their LuxDR Caviar Cream and can preach that it works like a dream on luxury bags, I know I can.

Much like the successful Caviar Cream, LuxDr has nailed it. When we opened our 30ml jar of LuxDR Red Bottom Rx we were both in awe. The team of experts has nailed the exact color to the iconic Christian Louboutin Red Bottom soles. Excited to see how the paint would work we moved onward and followed the directions provided.

If you are more of a visual learner, utilize the following link and follow along: 

The entire process is really self explanatory. It is however highly recommended that you clean the soles with water and vinegar prior to applying the product, you always want a clean base.

The results you receive from LuxDr Red Bottom Rx are uncanny and we were both extremely satisfied with the color match, the simplicity in the application process and the lasting results. It has now been a full month since we applied the first coat. We’ve been out a couple of times, walked a couple of blocks and the scuffing is very minimal. If we do apply an additional coat it will not be because the color does not last but rather because we’re obsessed with the life LuxDr Red Bottom Rx gives to our Red Bottoms.

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