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How to Revive – Restore – Resale and Profit! with LuxDR Luxury Care

If you are a fashion forward homemaker like myself then you will understand my struggle. We’re often  so busy making a home and raising our kiddos, that time for ourselves is often left for another day. It is important that as Women and Mothers we take care of ourselves. This goes beyond the obvious doctor appointments and regular hygiene routines.  I’m talking about your morning yoga, followed by your morning coffee and hobbies that fuel your creativity.


In my case fashion has been at the root of all of my morning trips to Michael’s and Joanns. Over the years it grew from modifying vintage clothes, to creating new looks for my family and eventually creating custom looks for a profit. More recently I’ve become infatuated with consignment luxury treasures. There’s a certain subcategory of joy that comes from discovering a Chanel, Prada or Louboutin find. The feeling is so satisfying that I  didn’t want it to end after the glamorous red bottoms of my Christian Louboutin Pigalles 120’s Pointed Pumps got scuffed up. So in an effort to give someone else the same satisfaction that I felt every time I slipped on the sexy pumps, I moved onward with the mission to restore and resell.

The following before-after picture shows worn Christian Louboutin shoes (above) that have been used on the street (cement ground) displaying scuff marks on the sole. 15 minutes later, after applying the RedBottom Rx paint, the CL bottom shoes look like new (right)

If you yourself have invested in a pair of red bottoms keep reading. Whether you choose to protect your investment or resell, all is not lost when you’ve ruined the legendary red bottoms. There is a life saving product out there that I came across when I was frantically searching for a miracle & I found it on one of my late night youtube scrolls.  LuxDR Red Bottom Rx uses color match tech to flawlessly blend with the iconic Louboutin red soles. It perfectly covered every scratch, knick and scuff I had worn into my pumps over the years. What took it over the top was that it hardly took any time at all. In 15 minutes I had prepped the sole with vinegar let dry, applied the paint and allowed it to dry further.  I didn’t have to apply a second coat and the mess that I feared  going into the process was non existent. All of this convenience allowed me to revive and resell my Louie pumps and slip them onto the feet of the next fashionista.

Now, I’m on to my next treasure hunt.