LuxDR Labs 
Est. 2013
Beverly Hills, CA 9021

Founded in Los Angeles in 2013, LUXDR quickly became known for offering high quality, luxury care products, and unparalleled customer service. Continuing this tradition of excellence today, LUXDR has grown to become a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive premium line of  luxury care. We are constantly striving for improvement, both in the innovative products that we offer, as well as the services we provide to our valued customers.

Specially formulated by LUXDR, this line of luxury organic products extends the natural life and beauty of luxury exclusive leathers and canvas while preserving each the unique characteristics. Regular use will help preserve both the suppleness and color.

New Luxury as well as Pre-Owned goods should be moisturized any time they are cleaned or otherwise show signs of dryness.

We recommend that you use only LUXDR organic product line on your exotic leather and canvas products. Other moisturizers may alter the sheen or color of materials, and may harm them over time.

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