Monogram Rx – Miracle Louis Vuitton Restoration Cream – Revive. Replenish. Protect!

Monogram Rx – Miracle Louis Vuitton Restoration Cream – Revive. Replenish. Protect!

As a mom  of two, finding the time to sit down and do things that are not related to softball practices, 2nd grade math worksheets or lunch prep is a rarity. It’s hard to find a hobby that can be started and put away in case I have to run out the door.  Recently I’ve taken to cleaning my Louis Vuitton collection. It’s very common for us to neglect our handbags. But much like everything else we invest in, some maintenance will be required.

My collection has grown over the years. It consists of newer items like a 2017 Calfskin Canvas Brogue Pochette Metis and others that I hold very dear. My absolute favorite is my LV Monogram Speedy 25 gifted to me by my parents when I graduated highschool in 2001. Although I don’t use it nearly as much as I once did, I strive to keep it in pristine condition.

Over the last few months I’ve ordered cleaners that we’re at the top of my google search, but I was never truly satisfied. With each one came a new disappointment. Sometimes it was the complicated application process, other times it was the appearance of the final product and at some point the smell was unappealing.

LuxDR Monogram RX

It wasn’t until a friend of mine who is also a Louis Vuitton aficionado lent me the product she had been using  and was in love with.  Being a little hesitant of course because of my previous experiences I started with a small tester area using the LuxDR Monogram Cream on my beloved LV Speedy. I let the product sit for a bit. I took in the appearance of the small circular area where I had applied the cream with the sponge, I even brought it up to my nose because I wanted to make sure the smell wasn’t nauseating before I continued. Much to my dismay, it smelled great. My nose had given the red light to proceed. And I’m glad I did.

This product by LuxDr has given me so much satisfaction that is worthy of making it on an “Oddly Satisfying” Snapchat story. It’s allowed me to utilize my collection more often and not have to be nervous about my Louies  losing their un-aged appearance.

-Nora Cessi
LuxMom Fashion Blogger

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