LuxDR Caviar Rx Restoration and Protection Cream for Chanel Bags - Review

LuxDR Caviar Rx Restoration and Protection Cream for Chanel Bags - Review

You’ve worked hard for your money so you decided to spoil yourself and purchase a luxury bag outside of your price range. So naturally after years of strutting your pride and joy at every possible function that you could, it’s begun to look a little dull and dare I say, a little lifeless. Now don’t freak out just yet. If you’re not ready to dig into your “savings” for a brand new one or a “like new” bag at your local consignment store, don’t. There is another option.


When I invest in a bag, a pair of shoes or anything I worked hard for I like to make it last. So when I was in your shoes staring at my Caviar Quilted Chanel bag a few days ago missing it’s better days I started researching ways to revive it. I came across links where I could have it professionally cleaned but in all honesty it was outside of my price range, and just how I wouldn’t pay someone to do my laundry I wasn’t going to pay someone for something I knew I could do myself. Then I came across LuxDR Caviar Rx Cream. You don’t need to drive anywhere to pick this up. It’s up on Amazon for $35 and it’ll ship to you for free from LuxDR.


Once I ordered it shipping was speedy and it arrived at my doorstep within a couple of days. In the package I received the following items:


  • 1 Revive Sponge
  • 1 Finishing Cloth
  • 1 30ml jar of LuxDR Caviar Rx Cream


The directions are self-explanatory but if you need a little extra assistance follow the link LuxDR Caviar Cream. If you’re concerned that this will alter the original product, don’t worry it doesn’t. One thing I noticed instantly was that this cream didn’t add shine, it cleaned the leather and the evidence was on the sponge.


I’m very satisfied with the results. For those of us who can’t afford to purchase a new bag every time we’re itching for something new, LuxDR is our solution. It does more than just clean. It brings your favorite bags back to life and allows you to be smarter by protecting and extending the longevity of your next purchase.



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