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Touch Up Wand - 30ml Red Sole Luxury Restoration Paint for CL Women Heels

Touch Up Wand - 30ml Red Sole Luxury Restoration Paint for CL Women Heels

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Introducing the New Influencer RedBottom RX Touch-Up Wand of The Famous LuxDR Luxury Care Labs. Protect your investment style!! LUXDR REDBottom Rx Premium Paint was formulated with our in-house paint specialist to ReVive and Restore RED soles. The color match is the most important part of our production process using a spectrophotometer so that our product blends seamlessly with the signature RED soles. We do know what it means to walk around and notice ugly scrapes on the bottom of your Red Bottom shoes ruining the legendary colored bottom. You can restore the soles of your shoes in no time and add resale value to your wallet. By restoring your shoes correctly you can easily find another fashionista alike that would love to give them a second chance! Sustainable fashion at its best #KeepThemRED! It takes 10 to 15 minutes to dry once you apply the paint.


  • ReVive: Restore and Protect your Louboutin Red Bottom Collection.
  • ❤️ RePlenish: LUXDR RedBottom Rx Premium Paint for Red Soles! Protect your investment!!
  • 👠 ReStore: Coats can be applied right over old soles to keep your soles looking brand new!
  • ❤️ We selected this red paint that exactly matches Louboutin Signature Red bottom shoes.
  • 👠 Proudly Made in the USA by LuxDR Labs Co. Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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