Monogram Rx 30ml


Introducing the New Influencer Grand 30ml Size of The Famous LuxDR Monogram Rx. Protect you Louis Vuitton Investment with premium LuxDR Monogram Rx Cream for Canvas Monogram.

Introducing the New Influencer Grand 30ml Size of The Famous LuxDR Monogram Rx. Protect your Luxury Accessories with premium LuxDR Monogram Rx Cream. ReVive, RePlenish and Protect!
*Now with 50% More! To treat and revive your LV Collection!

PRODUCT USE: The LuxDR MONOGRAM Rx formula was created especially for all Luxury canvas bags, including Classic Monogram, Damier, Azur, Graphite, Patchwork and Special Edition Releases from LV. This formulation also works on Goyard, Faure Le Page, Gucci, and other Luxurious Canvas Bags, Totes, Luggage, Trunks and Accessories. This formula works great on premium finished leathers, patent, and vinyl. Do not use on suede or nu-buck.

Improved with 9 essential oils for Shine Boosters and UV Protection. Beautify and enrich for an amazing restoration in less than 10 minutes. Eco and fashion friendly ingredients, Monogram Rx contains everything you need to keep your Monogram handbag glistening and Protected! Scented with a special “A NEW HANDBAG SMELL” formula that will keep your bag healthy, supple and soft for decades to come. This recipe may be used as often as desired to clean, condition and refresh luxury items.

ECO-NATURAL: Formulated to perfection! with eco-natural ingredients and an optimal pH-balanced recipe, our luxury care products and cleaners stand out from the crowd. As you condition and clean, the familiar LV smell will tease your nose.

DIRECTIONS: Spot test first for colorfastness on an inconspicuous area and let dry. Apply a small amount to our Luxury Applicator and clean using a circular motion. Let dry for about 10 seconds. Then proceed to polish the bag with our Finishing Bamboo Cloth to a gorgeous finish. The cream texture designed for easy application and maximum absorption, it will melt into your luxury products.

MADE IN THE USA: Founded in Beverly Hills, CA



Tutorial available on YouTube. “LuxDR”


  • I decided to buy this cream to clean the canvas of my LV bags. I have the older model Speedy and Mini Pochette. I noticed a difference right away and I like that it’s very gentle on the canvas. The best part is the smell, my bags smell like the first day I bought them.