Eau De LuxSanitizer - Luxury Disinfectant Travel Protection 20ml Fragrance


Luxury Protection

Limited Edition Box with Custom Artwork! Get fast and effective protection with pocket size 20ml Twist Insulated bottle, travel friendly and TSA approved dispensers for your home, business or school and on the go. You’ll love the way your skin looks, feels and smells with our premium blend and Amazing fragrance - this product is 70% plant-based alcohol with skin fortifying and immune boosting essential oils. Saffron - Bergamot - Oud - Vetiver makes for a subliminal scent.

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                                                         FEATURED IN VOGUE

Featured In VOGUE

RedBottom Rx "TouchUP Wand"

The LuxDR RedBottom Rx TouchUp Wand includes a wide chisel applicator tip for easy control of the paint. One TouchUp Wand will touch up 4-5+ pairs of shoes depending on the condition of the soles.


MISLUX LuxStrap Vachetta Bandoulier adjustable LV crossbody and Keepall Strap. Directly from the worlds top leather-smiths workshop we present these Bandouliere LuxStraps made from Vachetta Leather of Barcelona, Spain 


  • Master Handcrafted
    Only using Premium Vachetta Leather from Barcelona, Spain. Home of LV Leather-smiths.
  • Stronger, Longer, and Wider 
    We have upgraded the stock LV strap design with a stronger, longer, and wider aesthetic for comfort and versatility. You can easily interchange the MISLUX strap between luxury bags, luggage or crossbody collection.
  • The Perfect Upgrade!
    Adjustable length from: 41 - 49 inches. Includes Gold snap hooks and Viera Buckle. Great replacement cross body handbag straps. It's easy to attach with its two gold snap hooks


  • Damier Ebene Finish
    Designed to match the LV Chocolate Java Damier handbags, this leather strap has been tanned and finish for the perfect chocolate color.
  • Perfect for Travel
    From the Keepall 40 to the Large Keepall 60. The strap was made to last!
  • Authentic LuxStraps
    100% Authentic MISLUX LuxStraps. Each Strap is Individually Handcrafted and Date Code Numerated after quality inspection is verified

Legendary Spanish Vachetta

The Legendary Spanish Vachetta Leather - Vachetta leather is a light beige colour and left untreated purposely to age with grace and character with history (a process called Patina), so it will darken the shade over the years with use.

What our clients say

This red bottom paint is very similar to Louboutin. I transformed my boring but yet comfortable pair of pumps. Now I can wear them in both comfort and style. I owned a pair of Louboutin shoes in the past and they were very expensive, uncomfortable, and after one wear the bottoms were scuffed. I highly recommend this product.


When I invest in a bag, a pair of shoes or anything I worked hard for I like to make it last. So when I was in your shoes staring at my Caviar Quilted Chanel bag a few days ago missing it’s better days I started researching ways to revive it. I came across links where I could have it professionally cleaned but in all honesty it was outside of my price range, and just how I wouldn’t pay someone to do my laundry I wasn’t going to pay someone for something I knew I could do myself. Then I came across LuxDR Caviar Rx Cream.You don’t need to drive anywhere to pick this up. It’s up on Amazon for $35 and it’ll ship to you for free


I use and recommend all LUXDR products for my LV’s and other designer bags, shoes and boots! I can’t do without the Rain and Stain repellant spray for all my leathers, suedes and fabric items. I actually should be a sales rep for them as many people I have referred the LUXDR products to!


A designer bag is an investment. In my case, it was a black Chloé Hudson Mini Tasseled Fringe bag comprised of calfskin on the body and very very delicate lambskin on the flap with a suede interior and suede fringe and tassels. I bought the LUXDR CAVIAR RX Lotion on the recommendation of lambskin Chanel bag owners. If it’s delicate enough for lambskin, it’s delicate enough for calfskin which is tougher.

Janett Stevens

I purchased this to care for my designer handbags after all the reviews. I have to agree, that thus far, it has cleaned and conditioned my Louis Vuitton bags, along with all my other handbags on both the canvas and the leather areas. I have purchased quite a few other brands and I did not really notice a difference in my items. I noticed right away when I used this product. There is not a strong smell, I did not need to wear gloves, I just used 2 different microfiber towels – one for cleaning and one to buff out. I will be using these for my leather shoes to help protect, clean and condition them next.

Vanessa Reales

About us

Founded in Los Angeles in 2013, LUXDR quickly became known for offering high quality, luxury care products, and unparalleled customer service. Continuing this tradition of excellence today, LUXDR has grown to become a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive premium line of  leather care. We are constantly striving for improvement, both in the innovative products that we offer, as well as the services we provide to our valued customers.